Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Wreck It, Ralf


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Fair on Pau.
Despite Kounde's height though, he's brilliant in the air. His overall physicality wouldn't have been an issue either.

Anyway, what's done is done. Varane to Utd it is. Congrats on another acquisition.
I assume CM will wrap your window up. Reckon you'll stick with Dalot as backup RB. Regardless, challenging for 1-2 trophies should be the minimum next season for you.


I like Kounde but Varane has to be the better option to buy.


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Lol I remember when this forum was applauding Tierney for going in with the tackles in training after it came out he’d been told to calm down.

No excuse for that stuff in training man.
Tbf though there is a huge difference when it's your manager doing it :lol: Rooney having flashbacks of his younger days when he could kick whoever he wanted and the refs would allow it.


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This, you go to Redcafe and you'd be mistaken in thinking you're on a forum who's team is on a run of titles.

In truth they've spent nearly £800 million in the last 6 odd years and won absolutely **** all.
I really don't get it, every season they spend loads of money just to win nothing and if they do it's a Europa or a league cup or some sh*t. You'd think with the money spent their fans would have some higher standards but they don't care about winning as long as the club keep spending. They want to be Man City so badly.


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If Pogba leaves there's a decent chance they don't get top 4 I feel, or at least it puts them firmly below City, Chelsea and Pool assuming no injuries for anyone


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I’d have Sancho and Varane over Pogba any day of the week, especially if they turn around and splash the cash on a legit age DM.
This is basically what I have in mind as well. Sell Pogba to get a midfield who can play double pivot or get a DM to play 433 with VDB & Bruno.


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Ever since United stopped winning big trophies 8 years ago their fans have been more obsessed with spending more and more money and more obsessed with Arsenal than actually winning things.

Its quite hilarious that some United fans are saying "If the glazers keep this up they'll start digging themselves out the hole they made"

Sorry what?

2013 - £70M
2014 - £175M
2015 - £140M
2016 - £166M
2017 - £178M
2018 - £74M
2019 - £211M
2020 - £75M
2021 - £120M so far

The glazers have allowed United to spend huge money on players and wages for years. What's changed is who they sign. Glazers are poor in terms of taking money out the club through dividends, not clearing debt and not fixing up the stadium etc. But just like Arsenal recently the issue isn't the amount spent on transfers its the actual players that are being signed.

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