Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Wreck It, Ralf

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Still not as hot as Spanish hot rod Heccy

Not sure about this one chief.


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There's no way he's surviving much longer, folk were talking about United winning the title just weeks ago, now it might be a struggle for top 4


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Ole managing the likes of Ronaldo, Pogba, Varane...would be like Arteta managing Arsenal in 2005, it's just madness.

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Where are all the Arsenal Mania merchants that said we couldnt have Ole and Arteta in the same sentence? :lol:

In his position purely because of the "Pep" factor. Namely a well respected player, who has shown some promise and subsequently given the keys. Madness that so many big clubs have done this.


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UTD will not sack oleh that quick they just gave him new contract if anything happen it'll be at end of season unless thier winless run go beyond 5 games

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I think he lasts till Christmas at most.

You dont waste away such talent at your disposal.


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United are sticking with Ole. They gave him a new contract in july and won't sack him barring a run of 6 losses in 10 league games and another group stage exit from the CL.

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