Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Wreck It, Ralf

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Neville’s even more irritating, he does just about everything to imply that a manager should be sacked except outright say it. He’ll criticise performances, the style of play, the formation, the cohesion, call the team disconnected after 3 years of management but still hang on to some moral card that he hasn’t called for a sack. I’m not sure who he’s trying to impress here, at least other pundits as awful and reactionary as they may be at times can say how they really feel. That’s what you’re paid for.


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Utd owners interested in buying an IPL team, apparently.

Interesting really, I can see the IPL becoming the PL of cricket, and international cricket, 50 overs, test cricket going on the back burner. Guys like Shane Warne are fearing this.


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Twas a great night for the mighty reds last night. Say what you will, they never should be down 2-0 from the start, but an epic turnaround at an electric OT will buy Ole some more time.


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Wtf did I just watch? 😄😄😄😄

Ole and Arteta do share a common trait. They both seem to know how to get wins when they need it the most to keep them in jobs they are clearly unqualified/unprepared for.

The only thing is that Ole is a better manager than Arteta. That being said United is the kind of club that won’t hesitate to change managers if it suits them.


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Seems like a similar thing is happening with Ole in that the quality of his players is just keeping him in a job.

Even then he is superior to Arteta because his teams can at least score goals

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if they drew vs Liverpool


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Dont really hear much of these daily paper journalists views since the Sunday Supplement finished but on that they literally always defended the managers on their beat or had a relationship with. 🤷‍♂️

Atleast Neville doing it out of loyalty rather than just brown nosing for an interview.

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