Let's all laugh at Man Utd: Wreck It, Ralf


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.

Ole till the summer then B-Rod gets the job according to this paper


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Just saw what teams they are playing in the coming weeks. This could be a manager sackable run of games.

Tottenham - Away
Atalanta - Home
Man City - Home
Watford - Home
Villareal - Away
Chelsea - Away
Arsenal - Home
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Nice win for Ole. Now see how he's gonna think he has cracked a magical solution with 3 at the back and just going to continue it.


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Every time United is doing badly, I'm happy because I know my good friend Juan Mata Beard gets to feel bad for 90 minutes at least for a week. He deserves it. Imagine being a football fan and actually joining another team fan forums. Filth.
I'm on plenty of oppo forums. We tend to exaggerate our teams performances, either for good or bad, sometimes a neutral opinion is valuable. As long as they're not trolling I see no harm in them.


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Personally, don't see Conte at United. Maybe it's the fact I really don't want it to happen but just feel it's a bad match-up, weak board, weak players not suited to Conte's style etc.

Doubt he'll have much say in transfers either.

I reckon they'll give Ole the Sp**s match and he'll win and they'll keep him tbh.

That Ronaldo clip is a worry though, he'll have more say in the dressing room than Ole tbh.

Thoughts everyone? @GDeep™

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Glad United won, should keep Ole around for another few weeks at least. Probably need Sp**s to pick up a result next week though, unfortunately.

We need both Ole and Nuno to do just enough to stave off the sacking for as long as possible.


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Don't think it matters much who manages Sp**s, their squad is very average and ageing.

United could go up a level under a top coach though.

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