Let's all laugh at Tottenham

Andrew Cole Linighan

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Gary Linker was asking Jürgen Klinsmann if he was interested. Sam Allardyce does well in helping struggling Clubs. How about former Sp**s player Andy Sinton? He managed AFC Telford Utd to the National League North Title. 🏆
Sorry, Andy Sinton guided AFC Telford Utd to 2nd place in the league. He got Promotion to the National League, by winning the Play offs.


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I haven't seen an embarrassing story regarding Sp**s in 3 days since the talks with Gattuso collapsed on June 18th....

This is not normal...

I'm starting to feel a little unnerved by the relative silence....


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surprised Gerrard still has not come up

maybe they just get a caretaker & Potch next summer

all these just bums :lol:


Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"
At this rate they should just give Gaza a call.
A former player, would inspire them to new heights :cool:


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Even Parker tired of waiting and gone signed with Bournemouth. Ten Haag can be perfect for them but with the way they handling things i wouldn't be surprised he reject them.


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should really stick with Fonseca and not f**ked up because of Gattuso at least he accepted the situation he going into.

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