Let's all laugh at Tottenham


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Like arteta too?
exactly but Arteta we don't know what his style it'll be more clear this season if we get full strength team for majority of season. some say he prefer the modern 433 some say he prefer the current style we playing we'll never know until he go few years in management.

About managers like Nuno they play similar style wherever they go no matter the quality of team they don't like to take risks.


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Some managers never change Nuno making Sp**s with all talent upfront play like wolves. Don't think Nuno will win many Sp**s fans with that type of display
I had been quite impressed with Nuno when he came into the league with Wolves. I even had him as a possible Arteta replacement in my mind. Now I am not so sure.

If we win at the weekend and they tie we could be equal with Sp**s after the NLD. They seem to have picked up some injuries against Rennes which they ended up drawing after being down 2-1.

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