Let's all laugh at Tottenham

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They look worse than mourinho and Kane look not motivated and forced to play there they in big trouble if he don't pick himself up he didn't get near to Chelsea box. They only scored 3 goals one of it was penalty. And they bottom 3 in chance creation Nuno won't last 6 months there if this keep up


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I read their forum a bit. Apparently Sp**s has 14 shots on goal after five games.

They are saying he is mini Mourinho without the trophies, and will be soon gone. Many want Potter.

Lloris had some issues in the last 10 minutes with his leg, and they didn't have substitutions. Did he pick an injury or not?

Yousif Arsenal

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No joke but I'd see them better with guy like Gattuso and i don't even rate him but at Napoli his team always work hard and fun going forward last season they scored near 90 goals in league alone


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Seeing all the posts here about how awful the scumbags are make me confident that they will beat us.

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