Let's all laugh at Tottenham


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Was a typo, I just meant I’m surprised his songs are coming up on YouTube ads. A lot more people are gonna hear about him.

And yeah he’s really about his stage name, the bar about life being a competition to be the richest where he’s from. :lol:

Them ads seem to be working this one has 20M in 12 days lmao.

I remember he released a track with Lil Baby last year which got like 50M+ views on YouTube, so I think that also gave him a bit more exposure across the globe.

NBA YoungBoy is clear tho, some insane numbers.


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Getting caught after a shady deal?
Don Raul would never.
Yes ofc Don Raul is an honorable man and would never do any shady deals
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Star Sports was showing the Tottenham game but suddenly switched to the Arsenal game a whole ten minutes before the game started.

LOL, they know where the big game is. :lol:


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Kane has 1 league goal. :lol:

He’s had Levy off here, no way has he declined this much, guy just doesn’t give a ****.

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