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Let's all laugh at Tottenham

Rex Bezos

Just buy Osimhen 🤷‍♂️
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Levy is not a random employee that can be sacked. He own almost 30% of the club.

Lol really I just assumed he was basically just the DoF with a title.

Surely they can pressure him to give up his football responsibilities though?

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Maybe he doesn't want to cash out until a Middle Eastern country really pays a premium for his shares?

Could be a possibility. But they're not going to appreciate in value by simply increasing the amount of Beyonce concerts they put on at their stadium.

Might as well cash out now :lol:


Bruce Wayne


Please let Levy appoint himself as manager :pray:
Lads, listen to my "tactics".
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SA Gunner

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Watched Ange Postecoglou's pre match the other day, seems he is probably on the move there soon.

It will be a good move for Sp**s, despite Levy's interference. If they keep Kane they'll be able to push for some form of Europe in 24/25.


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Ange looks like an alcoholic, but is actually a quality manager.

But Sp**s will just emphasis the part about him looking like a homeless drunk, it's what this club does...not really worried, tbh.

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