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Let's all laugh at Tottenham


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...all also won trophies, bar Kane of course...



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Will never laugh at Kane, different breed to have the ambition to push a nothing team to unreachable heights. It's an honor to have such an excellent player as your rival.

If his personality wasn't so dry nobody would dare question his status as a PL legend.


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Funny thing about Gerrard is , a lot of Rangers fans thought he was ****e . Ange is much much better manager than Gerrard .

Ranger's fans must be really sh1t if this is true when Gerrard won them the league unbeaten conceding only 13 goals after this long stretch of dominance from Celtic




Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

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Meanwhile the goat Warnock renews with your beloved terriers
Well, against all odds he kept them up, and that was pure luck. You have to wonder to what would have happened had Town beaten Forest in that playoff final....

I predict more of the same next season.


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It’s the typical time of the year where arsenal fans spend their time boasting Sp**s and United for making the right choices whilst berating anytning arsenal related.

Nothing new here. Business as usual by November.
Sp**s have finished above us for the bulk of the last 10 years, so the berating in comparison to them, holds some value.

Most on here seem to think Sp**s will badly struggle next year whoever is manager too.


Thinks Ramsdale is beautiful

Country: Northern Ireland

Trophies since the Premier League began in 1992... Sp**s - 2, West Ham - 1

Trophies since the turn of the ****ing millennium... Sp**s - 1, West Ham - 1

Trophies since 2009... Sp**s - 0, West Ham - 1

...explain to me again how one is a big club but the other is just "little old West Ham" 🤔


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All jokes aside, this is probably their most fitting appointment since Poch...feel Sp**s fans ridiculous delusions of grandeur will make this fail though.

I am being completely unbiased though, I reckon they are back now sadly!

This appointment has Sp**s going from 8th next season for me, to 7th... Conference League, you back baby 👍
It seems a lot of the fans would take that currently, lol. I think mourinho and conte have stripped a lot of them of their delusions of grandeur, they have been humbled. The main thing I keep on hearing them say for next year is I want to see the team keep play entertaining attacking football

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Over on one of their forums, Glory-Glory (which already shows you that we're dealing with mass delusion) they actually think that if they sell Kane, they can get either Kolo Muani or Goncalo Ramos :lol:

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