Let's still all laugh at Tottenham

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by Biggus, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Interesting quotes from Pochettino. Accusing Juventus of pressuring officials and basically playing dirty.

    Refuses to call them out, but you don't really have to read between the lines.

    Imagine the outrage if Wenger was quoted with such narrative.

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    And the Spurs boss has claimed that the pair “put pressure on the referee” at half-time

    Come on Juve, you know it's Poch's job to put the pressure on
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    I think he'll wait for the Spanish teams to come in for him.
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    It's ridiculous how many times England have gone into recent World Cups with injury concerns over their best player
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    Hopefully Chelsea can get their act together.
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    Think Wilshere was just being rested against Watford mate.
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    FC Cringeworthy
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    When the **** did 'Keep it Kane' become a phrase?... as seen in picture two. :lol:

    Should of gone with the Jim Ross 'its Kaaane!'.
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    They care that much about the Golden Boot...
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    Jesus, that club is so small time. :lol:
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    Jesus, Mary and Joseph. There is literally no visible change in the flight path of the ball. Isn't that the bare minimum (and only) requirement for awarding someone a goal?

    I genuinely think Harry Kane loves goals more than he loves his own family. I think if he could pick between a goal or the death of a random person anywhere on the planet, he'd pick the goal without a doubt. I mean it's good for whoever he plays for cos he'll score a lot of goals, but I don't imagine he's a very well-rounded human being.
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    He swore on his daughters life that he scored that goal :lol: like what normal person does that lol. Only watched the goal 2 times, but I don't see him touching it.
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    Hugely embarrassing for Kane and anyone else involved.
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    Yet the club clearly isn't embarrassed as they are officially appealing it. You could maybe, maaaybe, justify Kane saying something postmatch if asked but for the club to put in a official appeal is ridiculous.

    It wasn't a OG they are trying to appeal for him it's taking it away from one of one of their other players to award it to Kane.

    As @Tir Na Nog said it just sooo sooooooo small time, but that's Tottenham. No other club would do some petty **** like this.

    This clip and the music will never not have my sides hurting. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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