Life after Wenger | Ornstein: Arsenal set to appoint Unai Emery

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by SA Gunner, Oct 12, 2015.


Do you think Emery will get the club back on an upwards trajectory?

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  1. FreakySami

    FreakySami Well-Known Member

    Would you guys take a manager who would make his players take drugs to the limit in order to gain that physical advantage over others?
  2. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Said everything for ages

    Must be a reason for it. I know a few months ago there were leaks that the players didn’t like or respect him due to his behaviour.
  3. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Said everything for ages

    You talking about Ped Guardiola?
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  4. Nemo_on_acid

    Nemo_on_acid Active Member

    Paul Clement worked as Ancelotti's assistant at some of the best clubs in the world and yet he's had a poor season with a Swansea side that I don't think is as bad on paper as their current last place in the league suggests?
  5. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    Define drugs please.

    Is caffeine a drug? It's been proven to enhance athletic performance.

    I'd take a manager who enhances his players performance within the rules. If one manager is doing it within the rules, then they'll all be doing it.

    If you have something to say just say it. Don't understand the point of hidden messages. It's like saying, " Would you take a manager who murders all of his opponents before the game if it meant us having a better chance of winning?"

    Not sure about your original statement or if you are just towing the line that's going around on Twitter that because Guardiola gets his team's playing in a certain way they must be doing something underhand.

    Nothing like unlimited finances and now drugs to deflect from the fact that our manager can't organise a team of international players to defend properly.
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  6. FreakySami

    FreakySami Well-Known Member

    It means that pep and his history of having players at the limit of the amount of the permitted enhanced drugs constantly and having had problems with anti dopping 3 times last year but it was never mentioned because it's pep and he has to look good. Making sure your players are at the limit constantly means you are taking those drugs all the time and just giving them enough dosses for them to get what they need. I hope he gets find out, but money rules. There is a nice article about this but let's not talk about it because they are doing so great...

    When Wenger comes out and says players need to get blood tested in order to make sure people don't cheat, there is a reason.
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  7. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    I saw it on Twitter. A thread from a nothing journalist who is also a United fan that found some links to doctors that have worked with Barcelona who got caught up in the cycling doping scandal.

    Pep's not stupid. He doesn't need Messi, Xavi and Iniesta AND performance enhancing drugs to beat team's without those players who aren't using drugs and he also doesn't need drugs to beat team's who don't have the financial power and players that City have.

    You need to get an edge on other teams or athletes when the playing field is level and you need an extra 3%. When you have his Barca team and the transfer budget at City, I fail to see why you'd risk it and I don't believe it.
  8. JamesG

    JamesG Active Member

    I believe it because Guardiola has massive previous. Way too many things happening just to be mere coincidence.
  9. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    Did he dope City last year? Is Yaya Toure taking the drugs given that his performance hasn't improved? Why have Silva and Aguero declined physically in the past couple of years? Because they are aging or have they not declined and are taking PED's? Why does Kyle Walker look tactically better but not physically better as the same Walker who was up and down the wing all the time at Spurs?

    Why hasn't anyone come out and said anything? Zlatan who he fell out with him at Barca? What about the City youth team who are going to get released? Does Arteta know? So he's going to become our manager and compete against Pep knowing that Pep's doping? Or maybe he doesn't know? And the player's, some dope, others don't, who decides? What if a player says no? Or are they given it secretly i.e they are just given pills and don't know what they are taking?

    It's absolute rubbish. I've been in and around professional clubs. Nowhere near the level of somewhere like City but it's not even spoken about or discussed. Caffeine? Protein? Carbs? Yeah but nothing illegal.

    City have a young team who press well, who are good athletes and work under an intense manager. I saw a post on another forum when I was researching the issue and someone said "if you are a professional footballer and not doping then you are stupid". It seriously doesn't happen. Why doesn't it happen in League 2 or the Conference? I've not come across one player or team out of hundreds that take anything to enhance performance in this country apart from caffeine and protein etc. I've also got a family member who has worked at QPR and Leeds...QPR when they were in the Premier League. It doesn't go on there and I have no reason to believe it goes on at City.
  10. YeahBee

    YeahBee Sign all the Swedes

    Yes that I can get behind even if i am not sold on arteta per say
  11. YeahBee

    YeahBee Sign all the Swedes

    Naive to think it doesn't happen in football... Juve and Milan has done some shady ****

    As most pro football players arent olympic elligble the testing probably isnt as stringent
  12. YeahBee

    YeahBee Sign all the Swedes

    Messi was doped for several years and it is excused btw
  13. Nemo_on_acid

    Nemo_on_acid Active Member

    Well, when Wenger writes his book about the things he can't talk about now, maybe he will include a chapter on performance enhancing drugs lol. Until then, all anyone outside of football can do is speculate and that's rarely ever a good thing.
  14. Bergkamp a Dutch Master

    Bergkamp a Dutch Master Well-Known Member

    A lot of Wenger's players over the years have been taking the wrong stuff.
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  15. DanDare

    DanDare Not interesting enough for a custom title

    Imagine thinking in the most financially lucrative sport in the world there isn’t doping

    They dope in cycling where top yearly earnings are what? £2-3m
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  16. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    Don't care about cycling to be honest because I've never been involved in it or been acquainted in it, but I'd be interested to know who is doping and where, because I've got a performance analyst pal at a Championship club and it doesn't happen there, I know players in League 2 and it doesn't happen there, I know a physio and a sport scientist in the EPL and it doesn't happen at that club.

    This is of course if it's completely cloak and dagger and players are secretly being injected in dark rooms and not even a whisper gets out i.e how can doping go on at a club or team where the physio, sport scientist, head coach or teammates don't even know?

    Some doping, a small minority, may happen someplace, somewhere with an individual but I just find it very hard to believe considering in my experience it's not possible. I also find it difficult to understand that if PED's were so beneficial, why wouldn't club's and player's beneath the Conference use them where there is little, if any, testing. There are semi-pro players in England earning between £200-500 a week playing part-time so a decent wage yet nobody I'm aware of or known personally has ever looked to PED's to enhance performance.

    In all my time, I've heard one remark and that was from an American college soccer athlete who said "yeah bro, in the summer I'm gonna jump on that HGH, get ripped and be ready for that try-out opportunity" but that was once in amongst dozens of pro and semi-pro team and hundreds of players and coaches. ****, I've been in changing rooms where I'm taking a 200mg caffeine tablet before a game and team-mates are looking at me like I'm some sort of biochemist. I can only say though, that's below the level of the very elite team's.
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  17. DanDare

    DanDare Not interesting enough for a custom title

    Over 30% of athletes participating in 2011 World Championships admitted having used banned substances during their careers. According to a study commissioned by WADA, actually 44% of them had used them. Nevertheless, only 0.5% of those tested were caught.[11][12]

    Different sport but a sport with less money in. I have little evidence other than this:

    Almost all sports has found people to be Doping. Sports where the financial stakes are much lower than football. You can draw a couple of conclusions from footballers generally not testing positive:

    1. FIFA and other federations/associations have somehow hit the human behaviour sweet spot through testing and punishment/ fines which means that some of the most competitive sports people, with financial stakes in the 100s of millions behind them are just not doping

    2. There is Doping going on and above parties (one of which has been shown to be corrupt to the core not long ago) have established a way to get around the tests they themselves have set up and institute as it’s in all their financial interests

    I find the latter much more likely
  18. al-Ustaadh

    al-Ustaadh Professor of Twitter

    No idea on the twitter account. Just like what he's saying.
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  19. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    I get the argument, and I get the reasoning but I find that often people (not you) who make statements like "everyone's doping in football" are ones who actually haven't been inside the pro environment or don't have friends inside the game and basing their opinions on what they think.

    All I can say is from my personal experience having grown up around the academy system in England, in and around pro clubs in the Football League, semi-pro/non league clubs, college/USL clubs in the USA, and a couple of European clubs whilst also having friends and family who have either played or worked at pro clubs it doesn't happen anywhere I've seen. Of course, in some random club in Bulgaria, a player or player/s may be taking some form of PED's at any given point but again based on my experience at different levels of the game in different countries with different players and teams I can definitely say it's not normal or widespread.
  20. DanDare

    DanDare Not interesting enough for a custom title

    I suppose we’ll never know unless there is some expose like with Russia. I was trying to find an interview with someone who I think was an ex WADA chief who asserted essentially every Olympic champion in past couple of decades had doped. He was saying that the technology and labs producing tailor made Doping agents for athletes was so far advanced of the testing labs that the molecules were essentially invisible to their tests.

    Not trying to discredit your experiences just going of human nature and past behaviours
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