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Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by JazzG, Dec 8, 2003.

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  1. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2002 ... 61,00.html

    It is quite amazing how when our player makes a challenge like this everyone is calling for his head. What he did was wrong and he said sorry but I've seen worse. I remember Lucas Neil breaking a players leg, I heard Houllier complain but the media weren't calling for a 6 match ban were they.

    Funny they are quick to slate Cole, why haven't they commented on the fact that for the last month he possibly has been the best LB in the world with some amazing performances.

    Also they have that hall of shame, a player spat at him during the turkey match. Is that Cole's fault as well :roll:

    I feel bad for Cole because he really is a good player for us but hasn't performed for england as he is always exposed. Cole was actually quite good in the world cup but had a few shakey matches in the qualifiers. The media suck upto Scholes all the time but he has been rubbish for england for the past 2 years. Cole doesn't get the credit he deserves imo. His performance against Inter was world class, I've seen Maldini and Nesta struggle against Martins but Cole shackled him and made his life hell in that match.
  2. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    It's that Steven Howard. He is consistently bashing Arsenal. He is the worst journalist around.
  3. Ridge

    Ridge New Member

    yeah, if Coles needs a 6 match ban? how bout Neill? 60 match ban?
  4. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    LOL... just skimmed through it. His "Hall of Shame" is a bit thin though. Only sent off twice?! Just not good enough Ash! :roll:
  5. finnish Gunner

    finnish Gunner New Member

    That "Hall of Shame" is just a joke. What an dirty player, two sending offs, taking part in a mass "brawl" (=little pushing) and getting spat at in Turkey.
  6. Incubus

    Incubus New Member

    Everyone seems to hate Arsenal. i think we are the most hated team in the Premier League.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Yeah, why don't they do a "Hall of Shame" for Beckham then? And all the other English players that got involved. Gerrard for example will have a fairly extensive one... and if anyone saw it on the weekend he should have been sent off because he had a mirror image tackle which didn't even get a foul!
  8. va_va_voom

    va_va_voom New Member Trusted

    I think everyone is going way over the top (excuse pun). Ash's tackle was hurrendous, had it been a Manc or a Spud we would all be crying blue murder. He apologised to everyone, an admission if I ever heard it. But there's no need to go any further, he'll serve his ban and hopefully come back having learnt from it.

    Its football, these things happen, so everyone just calm down.
  9. AFCG7

    AFCG7 New Member Elite

    terrible tackle..all the hard work we've done since the trouble at ****hole
    Trafford has now been wasted by that.
  10. GoonerGurjit

    GoonerGurjit New Member Elite

    Another dose of horsecrap from the S*n. :evil:
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    they took over Man U has the most hated club, and Arsène did it in half the time it took Sir Alex now thats some record.
  12. Adam

    Adam New Member Elite

    Jazz- i commend the " LOL". I find it more of a "ARGGGGGGH". I can't laugh, the blood boils. How can he get money for writing that unintelligent tosh? That's the state of the football journalism. So naive. If it was slightly balanced then i wouldn't get so angry - but it's written like it's come out of one of Fergusons most evil moods.
  13. JGooner

    JGooner New Member Trusted

    the worst thing was that ITV's The Premiership used Cole's sending off as the the "moment of the day" clip at the end of the program. Not a world class goal by Jermaine Pennant, not Manure smacking Villa for 4, not us dropping points at Leicester. All of that was irrelevant compared to one bad tackle by one Arsenal player. We also got most of the blame from Lynam for the scuffle with the referee, even though it was that dope Howey who started it
  14. Stim

    Stim New Member Elite

    Yeah well you should be used to us breaking records by now.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Some good points made there.

    You would think we would be used to it by now, but i think i am getting even more pissed off.

    What do the media have against us????????

    I nearly put my foot through the TV after watching the Premiership. It was a disgrace and that des Lynam is a totall wa*ker.
    We were balmed for the pushing etc after the red card which is a joke, as first Dickov and then howey started it, which was not mentioned. Just because we stick up for our players (unlike the mancs with Van ****himself) we get blamed. It was a total joke and the sooner that programme is off the air the better.

    And then the Sun, well it was expected. Absolute crap.

    I just cant understand why every incident that an Arsenal player commits is blown out of all proportion time and time again.
  16. JazzG

    JazzG New Member Elite

    I usually laugh off the media bias but I'll admit some of it really got under my skin after this Cole incident.

    Its almost like they are gonna keep going on about it until the FA sees this and charges Cole.

    I am simply amazed by the media at times........
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