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Love, Hate, Like


Kai Havertz Offense League
I just wanted to play a little game and learn the general consensus of how the good people of Arsenal mania feel about certain Arsenal players. To be honest, I’m bored silly with these international games so I thought we could have some fun.

This isn’t a sell, loan, or keep section, rather you can love, like or hate players for myriad of reasons. Similar to that playground game of snog, marry, avoid but with Arsenal players, past and present. It doesn’t just have to be football related either, literally anything.

Love. The players that you love, obviously. Players that you would let them have a go on your wife and proudly watch. Example Henry, well because it’s Henry. Ljungberg because he’s doing a lot for bald men like myself and I love what he’s doing with the academy players. Etc.

Hate. Hate is a strong word but “Love, kinda dislike but don’t hate, Like” doesn’t have the same ring to it, so it’s the best word I can think of. These are the players that without fail in every iteration of FIFA career mode, you’ve terminated this person’s contract. Not even sell, you straight up give them their p45 and tell them to sling their hook and wish they never wore the red and white of this club. You literally imagine the day for when this player leaves the club for an undisclosed fee. Example Xhaka, Van Persie, Mustafi, GX34, Mkhitaryan, the holder of keys. Did I say Xhaka?

Like. You like what they do. Maybe they’re bit of a clown on the pitch but they’re really trying to save the world and their humanitarian work is inspiring. Or maybe, it’s the opposite, they’re an absolute God on the pitch but outside there’s really nothing to them that you can grasp onto them for. You can be controversial here. If there is a player that everyone loves but you’ve never saw it then put them here. For example, Aaron Ramsey, Eboue, Arteta etc.


Vrei sa pleci dar una una iei

Doing one for PL teams

Love: Arsenal

"Like": West Ham, Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Bournemouth

Indifferent: Everton, Southampton, Wolves, Watford, Burnley, Liverpool, Sheffield U, Norwich, Aston Villa,Leicester, Brighton

Mildly dislike: Tottenham (except derbys ofc)

Dislike: Chelsea, Man City

"Hate": Man Utd


Wishes Wrestling Fans Liked Him

Guendouzi, tierny, auba, Martinelli, Saka, saliba.

Messi, Zlatan

Xhaka, musti, özil
D.Alli, Vardy, Kane, utd, Costa, Valencia. Kind of barca, pep fraudiola, city.

Rest. ,Joe and bellerin bit above.



Chairman of the Bum Brigade
Guendouzi, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Tierney, Bellerin
Arsène Wenger(always)

Xhaka(obviously), Mustafi(though it’s decreasing day by day), Unai Emery Etxegoien
Spuds, Manure, Chelshit, Diverpool, Man ****ty & every other big club in the world along with their managers, especially that bald fraud in Manchester(except for Dortmund maybe)

The rest of the squad
Lionel Messi(too good not to like)

Sniper Mik

Not a Closet Sp**s Fan
I love all the players (except two) even though i get mad at them sometimes. They are like my children.
Obviously hate Xhaka and Mustafi. They're like two overgrown man-child who we were conned and forced to take in because otherwise they'd starve out in the streets.
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