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in hindsight we should have cut our losses when he was desperate to leave after one season. It really did seem like such a low risk signing as you'd think he'd have resale value even if he didn't work out, just our luck.
We made the same mistake with Mustafi if I recall. Inter were really interested after his first season but we said no. I guess with him he was playing decently, while Torreira actively wanted to leave which is a much more concerning issue.


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We're probably extending him to protect his value for whenever he's over his personal crisis and is ready to play football at the top level again.


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Torreria needs to act better than this. I'm sure there are plenty of clubs in Italy or Spain who would take him. If money is an issue, extend his contract and loan him out for a small fee.

We should not be taking a huge hit on Torreria as he's a 15 - 20m plus player.


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they were seriously linked in June. Torreira still in spain training alone. not sure what going on here how he not comeback by now.


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Loan with an option to buy, bet we had 27 Italian clubs queuing up for their favourite dish.


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NOT AN OPTION to buy, he will just come straight back again.
Nobody is paying for that guy after having a closer look FFS.

Need to scam them into buying him, everything above 500k snap it up.

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