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✍️ OFFICIAL Lucas Torreira (Out)

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Emery gave this guy a career for 6 months. Weak slow, can't pass. Says a lot no one in Italy is touching him. Wouldn't be as harsh usually but got bad vibes from the bloke, cried every other week yet always seemed to refuse moving.


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Good riddance, but I think it’s enough with the short jokes. The level of discourse is about yay high. Show some decorum.

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I'm super looking forward to his classy send off msg from Arsenal when he departs.
No doubt it will be a long piece thanking him for his many years of stella service & commitment.

Mmn Probably something along the lines of'

LT ( Lucas Torreira/little turd) has finally fkin left the building 🎉👋👍



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Good for the lad! Hope he does well in Turkey! Maybe he can slide tackle Özil for old times sake? 🥳
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