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darn.. now i know why we drew with the cottagers.. it must have been because i forgotten to have a bath.. my body odour must have been considered unlucky.. the gunners won inter by a big margin as i bathed myself a few times that day as i was nervous that my 'lucky' bath will not work.. next time remember to pm me to bath ok peeps.. i keep forgetting..


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dont know if it has anything to do with anything, but i was wearing my home shirt when we won against inter and i wasn't when we drew against fulham. theres a chance that it could be a lucky shirt...


Archie The Leper

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I can now never wear anything else on match day & it's getting a bit threadbare

If I buy a new one exactly the same as the old one will it be as lucky?


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archie, dont do it mate!!!

dont think the luck is transferable.

ive now got a new combo too, seems to work. both 5-1s and the 2nil on wednesday.

ive got a long sleeved afc t and over that goes last seasons home shirt with "double 02" on the back!!!!

its a winner! did still get the lucky mugs out at h/time wednesday too, they STILL have not let me down.

Im NEVER getting rid of the mugs


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Keep on with our lucky vituals
I take my unicorn, beanies etc.
Everyone do not change your lucky shirts mugs etc
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