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Man of the Match: Burnley (H)

Who was your MOTM?

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Trossard played very well but I think Zinchenko just shaded him. He was brilliant.


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Don't care he did nothing then got sent off, whoever got Havertz out of there today was gonna by my MOTM!

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Toss up between Zinchenko and Trossard for me.

Saliba, Rice and Martinelli were all good too though.


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Trossard was really good and he scored the important first goal, but for me it's Zinchenko. He was our midfield metronome today and basically made Jorginho completely pointless.

I really really want to see him as LCM and a more traditional overlaping LB to support Martinelli.


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Zinchenko really that man is a proper baller. He should be our deep lying playmaker next to Rice hes always involved in build up play and never hides from the ball like Chicken does.
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