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Man Of The Match: Wolves (A)

Who was your MOTM?

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Rice Rice Baby 🎼🎵


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Rice, but the centre, backs, Raya were both excellent again and Ødegaard deserves an honorable mention for willpower


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Surprised at all the Rice love tbh thought it wasn't his best game for us.

Went Ødegaard he controlled everything and sealed the win late on.

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Rice. He was everywhere & his maurading runs kept Wolves from commiting numbers forward.


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Don't think there any real standouts - a lot were decent, including Rice, but no one was outstanding. Although Raya didn't have a huge number of saves, I thought everything he did was pretty good so he gets it by default.


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Thought White was close to it, but watching Rice's comp from the game it's definitely it.

It wasn't a pretty performance, but you need those solid gritty performances from your CM now and then...so difficult to win a midfield battle against Declan due to his size and stamina, big bonus for us that.
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