Who would be your candidate to replace Arteta?

  • Brendan Rodgers

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  • Roberto Mancini

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  • Gian Piero Gasperini

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  • Lucien Favre

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  • Ralph Hasenhüttl

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  • Eduardo Coudet

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  • Roberto Martinez

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  • Other

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They dont have a clue mate, tbh the manager market is poor atm too. Id love Mancini after the world cup ngl!!
Mancini is a class act man.

I am not entirely sure how he would manage a modern Prem team now, but I'd take him after the world cup for sure.


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Mancini would been nice after Wenger someone who bring some stability but we f**ked up in that regard and now we totally in different route if we want someone who keep working with youngsters and develop them after Arteta is Luis Enrique he already prove that with national team and he very good coach as well.


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Man got bullied by Balotelli.


Arteta would never.


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Evans - Free
Wilshere - Free
Depay - Free
Grealish - 80M
Bissouma - 25M

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Looking at that now, that's a gorgeous window.

Leno, Bellerin, Evans, Gabriel, KT, Partey, Bissouma, Wilshere, Grealish, Saka, Depay.

Add a decent manager and we'd eat good.