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Manager Wish-List Thread

Who would be your candidate to replace Arteta?

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Sapient Hawk

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Patrick Vieira or Graham Potter at the helm by October.

Watch how the season then progresses gradually & performances improve due to competent coaching instead of trying to find enemies behind every cone.

Also, free hits will cease becoming a "thing" almost instantaneously :lol:


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Chances are we'll never sack Arteta even if we are coming in the bottom half half way through the year, KSE seem to have too much faith in him to come good. If he plans to have guys like Nketiah & El Neny as 2 major players before signing other WC players it will be pretty disappointing.

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Right from his very first match, when he was as yet unknown to the English public, he showed just how talented he was. No one disputed his ability, and he gave me the credibility and the hold over the club that I needed to take it in the direction I wanted. He and Emmanuel Petit became a duo that would remain forever etched in the memories of Arsenal fans.

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