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Arséne Wenger: "I will miss you"
Got to wonder who they'll bring in. Hardly a plum job.
Maybe one of their previous captains

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Tir Na Nog

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Rooney has aged about 20 years since he took the Derby job. :lol:

But yeah he's doing a pretty good job tbf given the circumstances.

Yousif Arsenal

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I can see Everton approach rooney he doing really amazing job at Derby County who are close to be cancelled as club

Yousif Arsenal

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Reports about they seriously considering the first manager the new ownership Moshiri/Usmanov sacked Roberto Martinez to be Everton next manager


The Solihull Slob
Think there will be a race for Potter in the summer. One of the best managers in the league, and plays the best football too.

Top 5 manager.

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You kind of never leave Arsenal. How many comebacks do you make? At one point it will turn out to be a bad move. We all love the first Rocky but I'm not too sure about the last one.

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