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Managerial Changes


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I hear rumours from family in Wolverhampton that Lopetegui wants the Sp**s job and this has been leaked by his people.

I hope there is no substance as I don't want Wolves to lose a very good manager and Sp**s of all teams to gain one.
Johan Cruyff could descend from heaven to manage Tottenham and they'd win nothing. I wouldn't worry about it.


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@OnlyOne your dream of landing that plumber Neves might come to fruition if Edu pounces quickly.

Could see him at Barca, I think whoever gets him is getting a class player, but he’s not suited to us.


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How does that work? PSG picking the assistant for Nagelsmann.

Surely Nagelsmann decides who he can and cant work with, who he trusts etc.

Not sure about Henry anyway.

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some managers movements going on Galtier who been sacked by PSG is negotiating with Napoli. And Rodgers in advanced talks with Celtic.
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