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Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

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@Rasmi You noticing this?
What could be a worse attitude off the pitch than being an adult hiding behind your mum during a scrap while simultaneously trying to turn your kid into a social media star?

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Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

Country: USA

Having that stupid haircut Foden has had since seemingly the start of time, is much worse.
His mother has been chewing his hair since childhood apparently.


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Foden has to have one of the most recognizable faces in all of football. Even as a young kid you instantly recognize him.


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Ideally, this iteration of Arsenal should peak the season after Pep leaves.

Think that’s our best bet to achieve something

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...Henry on the right wing, least we know now that he is as dumb as his haircut makes him look.

The more I look at this annoying little scrote, the more I realise that he's an experiment by Disney to produce a human version of Chicken Little.

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