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Mancheater City: Pep Guadiosa


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I can't say I dislike them as heavily as I dislike ManUre or Chelsea, but the way they bought their stance in the Elite of England (not Europe, heh) is still annoying nonetheless.

It would be really funny if they carried on losing, and finished just fourth. Especially if you consider some of their big (mouth) players. Feel a bit for Pellegrini but he's failed to rebuild an ageing squad and now they're paying for it.


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I definitely dislike them.They don't get a lot of stick because Chelsea is so much worse; City at least has a somewhat decent fanbase, although a fair number have gotten a bit too confident at this point. They still haven't solidified themselves as a European heavyweight imo.


League is very weak
Nothing to laugh at really, they've won two titles recently and have resources which mean they'll never really fall away now.

What they're going through now, along with their European struggles, not signing the right players etc, is nothing more than 'growing pains'.

City are legit, they refresh their squad correctly, Premier League is in for a bloodbath.


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All old as sh*t too. They need some major reconstruction soon and if the right man doesn't do it they're in trouble.


League is very weak
What's the deal with Kompany? Sounded deluded post game yesterday.

"We weren't bad today, how many shots on target did they have", "win against Utd will rescue our season" etc.

He's like that Iraqi general who was saying "its all good yo" while American tanks were going past, behind him.


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Yeah, exactly. But then again, breaking into the upper echelon of English football consistently is pretty much impossible if you weren't one of the major established power throughout the 90s.

I mean, what ****ing hope do we have of breaking into the top 4 on a regular basis without some serious investment from an outsider? Our best players get snapped up by the clubs above us as soon as they want to move, so building a genuine platform a la Arsenal is pretty much impossible.

Football is very much an aristocracy at this point. You either buy in, or accept a place below. For that reason I don't really dislike City as much as Chelsea as they at least had the fanbase to back up a major investment.


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Would still prefer them to finish above Man U tbh.

van Gaal constantly has a face like a slapped arse and it annoys me.


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Not bothered by them tbh. Mainly because I only know one City fan so they are an irrelevance when it comes to football banter. Don't have to put up with gloating City fans.

But also because were it not for them, Chelsea/Liverpool/Utd would have had more success in recent years and they are clubs that I really dislike. City are the lesser evil. I'm actually annoyed that they're not winning the title as it means I get to see Jose and Cesc celebrate with the PL trophy.

They've lived under the shadow of the evil empire for so long, they deserve their time in the limelight.


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I don't them as much as Chelsea or United, because they had a solid fanbase who supported them through difficult times.

Pellegrinin is a decent gentleman and the way he conducted himself last season was admirable for a newcomer to PL. Their players are also wayyyy below in ****ishness than Terry, Drogba, Ivanovic, Rooney, Judas, Fellaini etc...

Plus the banter I give to my colleague who nearly had a stroke when Aguero scored, is always hilarious :)


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It sets a bad precedence when a club can get their "owner" to sign a ridiculous sponsor contract from one of their other companies.

They failed the FFP, what do they do ? sure we will just double our 40 mil sponsordeal to a 80 mil one and all is good.

anyone who thinks their sponsorship isnt from a related party is pretty naive.


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Don't even hate them, play good football, players aren't really ****s, manager is a respectable guy, fans are irrelevant.

Literally felt nothing when they won the title last season, nothing, was almost anti climactic.


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Haha , they are stuffed. The way the FFP rules are they are stuffed . However I prefer them to Chelsea hands down . Have hated Chelsea for the longest time , just vile supporters .

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