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Mancheater City: Pep Guadiosa


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Will the hearing start before the start of the new season?

If the Premier League ACTUALLY wanted to make City stop dragging this process out endlessly there was a simple solution all along. Just say "Okay, until you actually comply with our investigation you're suspended from competing in the EPL". They'd stop dragging their feet then for sure.
The legal challenges to that would be immense, and depending on the contract between clubs and EPL, the EPL might be in the wrong to do that. Also, how would that work re the rest of the football pyramid, fixtures etc? Would every club only play 36 games and each start on 6 points?


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Mans hiding he knows he was about to get booed like crazy
1) I doubt anyone knows who he is
2) If City fans are more interested in booing a guy who literally has no influence over these matters beyond signing things off than celebrating the trophy lift of a 4th title in a row, it shows just how tragic that once marvelous fan base has become.
3) If City are innocent, why did they spend 5 years obstructing Fifa's request for contractually obliged information so that the statute of limitations mean they couldn't be tried and what have they spent 5 years obstructing the EPLs request for contractually obliged information?

The German reports provide verbatem evidence of City's gult on some charges, and their legal conduct is implicit evidence of guilt on others, so even if the PSR rule breaches aren't proven, and the massively inflated initial sponsorships are somehow shown to be market value, and the under the counter payment to agents are shown to not directly connected, City are still definitively guilty of at least 25 charges.

The main thing, beyond the army of oil funded lawyers, that will save City from the worst is that logistically, relegating them and stripping them of titles creates a whole host of practical issues that the EPL will be desperate to avoid. The closest they can really get is a massive points deduction and an incoming transfer ban.


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Are people not upset with him there for constantly faking injuries during international breaks to prioritize City?
I think people are quite disillusioned with the whole national team tbh. We under perform in most games, and we threw it all away against Scotland at home in the qualifiers.

In the national team though, there is no doubt that Ødegaard is a bigger player than Haaland. He is much more influential in the media and in the dressing room. He takes all the crappy interviews after we play like a bunch of drunk lobster catchers, and he doesn't shrink away from it. He can even be surprisingly edgy at times, which is a side he probably should show more in interviews in England.

Haaland becomes more the distant superstar with sunglasses and headphones, but yes, there is a certain disappointment with the injuries.


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Pep says they will earn the respect they deserve if they win a record 4th Premier League title on the trot.

He is so delusional and just doesn't get it, nobody will respect them even if they win 50 in a row. Everyone knows they are cheats and use their vast wealth to manipulate the system.

Respect is the one thing their dirty money can't buy.


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Congratulations to Foden and City. Foden has been the best player in the league by far, an absolute joy to watch. Will be the main man for England this summer with Kano and Bellerz.

Fair play to City too, that run at the end of the season is just too much for us.


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Congratulations to Foden and City. Foden has been the best player in the league by far, an absolute joy to watch. Will be the main man for England this summer with Kano and Bellerz.

Fair play to City too, that run at the end of the season is just too much for us.
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First English team to do 4 in a row, crazy ..who would have thought by breaking every rule for over a decade you could win trophies, amazing!

An achievement as legitimate as restarting your FM save everytime you lose, ****s.

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