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Mancheater City: Pep Guadiosa


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But he has no ties to City or Guardiola. And with the uncertainty surrounding that club why would he want to get involved in that?

I think if the issue with the charges doesn't get resolved until next summer it'll be a real challenge for them to find a high profile manager to replace Guardiola. Nobody wants to be remembered as the manager that was in charge when they got relegated right after their most successful period in club history.
If you were a "smart" player or manager you definitely wouldn't want to make any decisions until the 115 case is sorted out. Hopefully will affect their transfers this summer.


Join my "Occupy A-M" movement here 🗳
All jokes aside, its pretty impressive how Pep motivates them to continue to win things. How do they stay sufficiently motivated, even despite having the best quality squad? The cheating charges hanging over them, the very evident trophy fatigue with the fans, the players and even pep shown here. They have won it all and the league for 7 out of the last 8 seasons. They looked like they were on the beach during the first half f the FA cup final, is it the first sign the motivation is wearing?

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It all adds up, the Norweigian **** has been roided up since age 5.



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That Foden pic is the worst photoshop I've seen in ages :lol:


Not gonna lie I kind of hate when people make up weird ****, it deludes the impact of the real stuff and there's obviously plenty of real **** to throw at City.

All I can see is Elliot (aka Ellen) Page.

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West Ham are frontrunners to sign Reiss Nelson and a fee of £15m-20m could be enough to clinch a deal [Evening Standard]

Inter and Juventus have asked Arsenal about loaning Jakub Kiwior, but the club will only let him leave on a permanent transfer [Goal Poland]

Academy striker Chido Obi-Martin visited Manchester United’s training ground to discuss a move to the club [AcademyScoop]

Crystal Palace are preparing a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe [Ed Aarons - The Guardian]
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