Manchester City vs Arsenal| Saturday 17th October 17:30| Sky Sports

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Front 3 were passengers.

Our only attacking threat came from Saka and Tierney down the left and the odd decent long pass from Luiz.

Ceabllos and Gabriel seemed the only players capable of winning possesion back.

Papa Wonga

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Normal service resumed.

Manager lacks ideas, that was shocking, best chance we'll have in years to win there, and this idiot rolls up with a defensive performance all game, brings on our only source of creativity in the squad at 87 minutes.

I'm shocked. Honeymoon is over, he needs to be questioned, thomas said himself he was fit to play.

Sure we didn't sign sanchez from united? Because the last 3 games have been piss-poor from aubameyang, most of the blame is the manager for putting him out wide when he plays willian in the centre. *.


Perfect Xhaka Opinions
I forgot Ceballos was playing, a very quiet game from him after being very good in recent games. City make it hard in the midfield though.

We're still very much a work in progress.


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Men who eat meat don’t slide.



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I'm trusting the slow gains but still leaves questions lingering. Our wingers aren't being as effective as could be, Aubameyang has been anonymous for the season.
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