Manchester City vs Arsenal| Saturday 17th October 17:30| Sky Sports

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Manager lacks ideas, that was shocking, best chance we'll have in years to win there, and this idiot rolls up with a defensive performance all game, brings on our only source of creativity in the squad at 87 minutes.

I'm shocked. Honeymoon is over, he needs to be questioned, thomas said himself he was fit to play.

Partey and Nketiah are only source of creativity? :lol: Nice troll post.


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Artetaball is still an evolving thing. We're not seeing how Arteta really wants to play since he doesn't have the players yet. It's quite clear he's trying to shore up the defending to give us a chance, especially against teams like City. It's all pragmatic at the moment.


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We did poorly in the wide areas IMO. Tierney had a mixed game - I thought he was good in the 1st half but he got done a few too many times, as did Bellerin. Also our wide men were pretty poor overall aswell and we had no real wide replacements for them.

Firmly keeping an eye on the EL this Thursday - there's an opening IMO.


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We are disciplined and hard to beat, but that won't be enough. I was very disappointed in our attacking, given some of the names out there. Also felt we obviously needed to gamble on Parteys drive far earlier in to the match.

Wenger was gung-ho, but arteta today seemed risk averse at the other end of the spectrum. Still 1-0 isn't terrible, but with De Bruyne it would have been more.


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Yes front 3 were so disappointed today auba Willian very invisibile pepe tried but really not good enough. When you see city Mahrez and sterling always running trying to create space.


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I feel like we're kinda at the point where Arteta's first principal achievement of 'making us competitive' isn't quite enough anymore. Pundits still praise this team just for not getting battered away from home. There's no infallible team in this league, if you attack well enough you can beat anyone on your day.

Like it's good that the team isn't a clown car anymore, but tbh we're kinda boring and our attack isn't that great.


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Really disappointing not to get something from that game, deserved a draw imo.

Positives are that's the best we have played against City in the league since Pep took over, plus everyone is dropping points at this stage so opportunity to bounce back quickly is there...need to beat Leicester next weekend now though!
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