Manchester City vs Arsenal| Saturday 17th October 17:30| Sky Sports

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Pretty cowardly performance in all honesty. Never changed the shape, no risks, only committed men into the box in the last 2 minutes. We treated them like they were prime Barca, yet they were missing De Bruyne, Laporte and Aguero went off with still 30 mins left. Can’t help but be disappointed. Wtf was Willian at CF about too??

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Even Neville said it, not once did we look desperate for a result, jesus christ, what's the manager saying to em in training:

"if we're losing lads, don't worry it's a great day out, try get a draw if you can"


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Very easy to look at the result and say Arteta has improved us in these games (which he has) but it's with tactics most of the smaller clubs would use, not teams who can put out a £180m front 3. Far too conservative for my liking.
Yeah, everyone said it was a good time to play City but it seemed like Arteta didn't really believe this team could beat them.

This was a similar approach to Emery's only league game at the Etihad, keep it tight then bring on attackers late on to nick a point.


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Luiz played well. Bellerin is absolute ****. At least 3 times he allowed man city to shoot/cross on their dominant side without resistance.


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Don't know if Arteta telling them not to attack much because he know if we attack we'll get destroyed because the midfield is poor.


I thought we were pretty decent, City didn't create a lot and we definitely deserved a draw based on how we played. The big problem was that we lacked end product in the final 3rd.


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Some really should relax.

Not a long time ago, the games against City were already done at half time, because they already scored goals for fun.

Now we conceded one goal and the chances overall were pretty equal.

It's dissappointing, because you could feel that more was possible today. Expected more in the las 15 minutes, more power to really get a goal here.

And of course the tactic side. Don't know what Arteta's plan was with Willian as CF and still not sure why he is so desperate to play Auba as a LW.


I don’t think we were conservative. Were you guys watching the game? We were pressing City high up the pitch in the first half. Tired in the second.
We had 11 shots to their 13, 3 shots on target to their 5. Very respectable. Saka and Auba missed their good chances, and we were denied a penalty by a referee who allowed City to conduct their tactical fouling.


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They scored from a soft goal..I'm fuming. We should have taken our chances in the first half. This is a bad result. This citeh was beatable today but Arteta's approach to the game was meek


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We're like a bunch of whipped dogs. We used to get hammered by 5 and 6 goals so all of a sudden a 1-0 loss is not so bad and somewhat acceptable.

It makes me sick how far we done fell.
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