Manchester City vs Arsenal| Saturday 17th October 17:30| Sky Sports

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We've played out two hardest game on paper and got no points. It's very difficult to draw too many conclusions from that as to where we will finish. In any scenario apart from one where we are actually expecting to win or challenge for the premiership we lose those games. Leicester and United games will tell us a lot more.


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Disappointing performance against an over-rated team and disappointing to lose to a single, avoidable, goal.

I understand we needed to move on from those 6-0 thrashings but when you're 1-0 down with over an hour gone and have worked yourself into the game (possession and statwise) it's a shame not to kick on and give yourself a chance to get something. At that point it's better to take some risks, 2-0 is not much worse than 1-0, but 1-1 is infinitely better.
Yep, whether you throw caution to the wind and attack them or play cautiously and only lose 1-0, it's still 0 points at the end of the day.


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Willian at CF/AM was not a tactical mistake.

Arteta made the decision to give Man City the first ball because of the quality of distribution of Ederson in particular. Willian covered the zone that Rodri frequents. It stopped City playing through the middle where they are most dangerous.

It worked. City had about two genuine chances in that whole game, one of which they scored.

The bigger problem was that there was little intensity behind him with Xhaka and Ceballos so it was hard to win the ball back high enough to start many meaningful counter attacks.

Lack of quality service aside, I think it's also reasonable to expect more from Aubameyang and Pépé in games like this. Far too anonymous. Top players impose themselves on games and aren't overly reliant on others.


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It's kind of mind boggling that we kept pushing for Partey and Aouar, but didn't have a backup for Aouar. Buendia would have been an affordable option.

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Vardy would of shat all over Ake and Dias. Laporte couldn't live with him and he's their best defender.

He's a better all round striker then Auba, auba is more clinical imo.


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Gabriel looks good too. Easy to forget this is only his second full season in Europe and first in the Premiership, not to mention that he's still on 22. Very good purchase by the club.


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You can say that about City too can’t you? They didn’t create many chances either but took their chance they were gifted.
I did mate, hence why I mentioned

"a team in decline + lacking confidence + missing their best/most creative player"

But at the end of the day despite those mitigating factors they still managed to beat us yet again. So it doesn't bode well for them they do get their **** together


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I still think Arteta is more than able to coach a good attack. It's not like he's actually Moyes. I just think he's decided that this approach with these players will yield the most points over a league season compared to other approaches. And who knows, he could well be right, but my god it's not particularly fun to watch.


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I can’t quite put it into words. I ain’t got good edamacation, but that Aguero and the lineswoman incident just felt wrong.


So many wrong captions to this.


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Arteta has made us very competitive again. No more being blown away by the top sides. I think we are still two/three players away from giving him the quality to be more confident to give us a more offensive balance. It will be a bit grim for a little while more but we are firmly on the right trajectory.


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Which bit don't you get buddy? Have a look at the last 2 final league tables, and we have played them both away from home.

You give them too much respect. Paper is paper. Your eyes tell you that both teams have been substandard this season. Yet we go there showing them respect. The lack of grit in this team is infuriating. We keep playing the badge instead of the actual team. Watch us go to old Trafford and Stamford bridge and give teams with shocking defences respect.
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