Manuel Locatelli

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I think they’re just trying to get a serious offer from Juventus. That’s why the CEO is going public and we are seeing less reputable outlets reporting it.

Juve are kinda broke + have that silver spoon advantage of just hoovering up the talent in the league because of player demands.

Juve will probably eventually sign him after they stump up the cash a bit…. unless they really are broke.


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They sign a lot of players for free, but
I guess the signing on fee and Ronaldo, Ramsey etc on massive wages. Add the pandemic to that.

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It doesn’t matter if they can’t afford it. Small Italian clubs like getting bent over by Juve. They’ll agree to a two year loan with an obligation to buy or some other bullshit along the same lines.

The feeling I get is that Juve offering players left and right to other italian teams for their best talent is what keeps a lot of them from relegation. It also helps that most Italian players much prefer to remain in the League.


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Why are Juve so broke? I know it's become a bit of a running joke, but these Italian teams are embarrassing. How do you win your home league 9 times in a row but you're broke? WTF do they spend their money on?
Italian teams are happy to have a few years of poverty for a few years of rewards, they'll spend money knowing the bill will come in down the line and theyre happy to start a rebuild at that point. Covid has hit them hard as well


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Would be a great addition but it is clear that his heart is set on a move to Juve and Italian players dont like playing abroad. I hope we somehow pull it off though!


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"Special relationship" ffs. Grow a set & let us buy him lol!

P. S. Juve can have Xhaka for half the price of Locatelli, I'll even offer them an extra couple of million euro discount just to piss off Mourinho.


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I've been impressed with what I've seen of him at the Euros. Plus my Sp**s mate has been banging on for months about how good he is and thinking that they are going to sign him (I would take great pleasure in winding him up if we get him).


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Was reading somewhere that Sassuolo were open to taking some bumms on loan from Juventus to lower the fee.

He’s 100% going to Juve.
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