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Marquinhos Joins Arsenal


Is he part of pre season training?

According to the Arseblog he will join next week: "As far as we can tell, none of the new boys – Marquinhos, Fabio Vieira or Matt Turner – were there, but we expect they will be next week."



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He looks pretty stocky in those training pics. Would be a big bonus if he impresses in pre-season.
The way he held off Gabriel last season and got him sent off…Jesus can hold his own against all the brute centre halves in this league unlike Lacazette


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Just seen some of the training photos and I’m quite shocked how built he is. I was expecting another Martinelli but he looks very strong in his lower body and decently built upper body. Looking at that you wouldn’t think adjusting to the physical nature of the Premier League would be a problem and it will be more about adjusting to the speed of the game.

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