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✍️ OFFICIAL Marquinhos (Loan)

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Loan without an option is better for Arsenal? Option always benefits the loaning club? Obligation does not unless it's cheap?

But Arsenal might not want to give an obligation, because if the player plays well, his value might be higher than the obligation at this point?

Marquinhos still has 4 years left in contract so there is no hurry, as his value won't drop in a year.


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So was Marqy:
You can’t knock the long term gain from business reciprocity.


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No he is just a trash player

That's a little OTT. Guy just turned 20 and just recently repped his country at the U20's World Cup and scored but he's trash?? OK he doesn't dribble as much as he should but that's down to confidence, let him develop and let's see where we are at the end of the season.

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500k per year hits hard. Insane money when you think about it. Especially since I’ve never really seen him doing anything exciting.
It's not even 10k a week. It's mega money to the bloke in the street but absolutely nothing for a prem league footballer.

You take these low key punts. Take a look at them & hopefully find the odd gem. Sometimes you may be lucky & hit a gem like martinelli, if not flip & get your money back.
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