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I'm all for a bargain, but I'm not sure it's worth saving a few million and pissing Sao Paulo off in the process as they won't do business with us again. Seems like a silly way to shoot ourselves in the foot, long term.

Sounds like they’re pissed at the situation / player than the club.

There was a report earlier in the month that 3-4M was a good faith payment by us, to not cloud any future business, as we could get him for nothing in a matter of weeks.


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Sao Paulo really messed all up because they wanted few millions. I don't blame wolves doing this specially if he signed the contract

Basically here São Paulo would be the ones who would need to pay compensation as long as we were never informed of anything and acted in good faith.


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Apparently, FIFA only allowed 3 years max for U18s. So Sao Paolo must have included some 2 auto renewal at the end of those 3 years which is probably illegal and this kid's contract should only run to 2022. So if he had signed a pre contract with Wolves that contract should be honored.
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