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Marquinhos: Off The Marq


Losing my brain cells 🥸

Player: Cedric
He's still not linked to being loaned out and he's featured in the away kit release promo with other 1st teamers. Looks like he's here to stay for this season.


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Player: Zinchenko

And finally young Marquinhos, what have you made of him so far?

He reminds me of Gabi Martinelli when he first came, everyone was saying ‘yeah he will go to the under-23s first’ and stuff like this, but how Gabi adapted at this level was unbelievable, and I have the same feeling with Marquinhos as well. For his age he is very developed physically, very fast, good left foot. Of course, he needs to adapt to this level first, this country as well, but I see a big future for this guy.

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It's going to be tough if he makes it here, hearing every single announcer completely butcher the pronounciation of his name and whatnot.

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I'm going to wait until I hear Tim Vickery pronounce it and then I'll copy that.

His Guimarães was quite off 😭 and he leaned in to it hard, like trying to make a point. It happens tho, you guys would laugh your asses off at Brazillian comentators trying to pronounce Saka, Nketiah, etc.

They dread saying ESR's name. Call him Emelee Smeet Ral.

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