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Martin Ødegaard: El Capitanø

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Finally he is being used right. He needs to be deeper and be on the ball instead of having him high up and have the defensive players constantly on the ball. He is by far our best ball player

Easily our most technical player. For me he is being hurt by this enforced carrying of two flops Kai and Viera at the other 8. If Trossard and Zinny play at the other 8 i think it will improve Ode’s performance as well


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Love watching him in that mood where he's demanding and getting on the ball.


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We are better team when he is deeper and dictating play. The guy is a playmaker at heart. Let’s not make him goal focused shooter. Have him on the ball


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Got lucky with the ref buying his flopping and with Rice managing to send that last cross home, he respected Luton a bit too much and made his Casper act.


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Not sure what the criticism was, played a lot deeper and was the only one really trying to make things happen creatively and set up a few got moves.

Got his assist in the end. Gorgeous boy.


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He was absolutely brilliant. Commentator said it perfect near at the end, it was like there was three of him at times. Just everywhere, picking the ball up and pushing us forward.


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Last 30 min or so, he was brilliant. Always picks the right pass, right moment to dribble

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