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✍️ OFFICIAL Martin Ødegaard

Who would you rather sign?

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Well no because the one with dodgy hip have completed one 90 minute last 15 games and his Hip bothered him last game did you really want us 70M on him? he better than Ødegaard but that will be extreme risk. Aouar will nobody interested in him tells you everything is it? there something very off with him even for 20-25M nobody going to get near him.
Who wanted Ødegaard apart from Arsenal ??


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At 22, I still think the best is to come with Ødegaard. He had some really good performances for a 6 month loan in a struggling ream.

I'd have been happy with either him or Maddison to be fair so I'm glad it's looks like we've got one of them over the line. If we used the cash saved on Maddison to add Aouar as well it would be a quality bit of business.


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Dest is rubbish, just has a style that suits youtube highlights/clips.
He'd die in our squad with current defense behind him

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Our deals in midfield doesn't seem done yet specially if Elneny sold even he stays we have to add another one because him and Partey off to AFCON in January that leave us with 2 midfielders we'll add another player.

The first team still not improved Ødegaard and White are the only starters there is still massive hope in RB need to upgraded ASAP.


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Player: Martinelli




Get Xhaka 🔛
Who do you recommand ?

RB is the hardest position to fill, even for teams with unlimited ressources.
I honestly wouldn't know a perfect RB for us in current market but seriously, Dest won't be bringing us forward. He's a defensive liability, good going forward though but he will leave immense gaps on our already dead defense.

And i agree on your second line, it's a tough situation.


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Can't believe some people are against Ødegaard. Granted there were some good AM options available this window but MO is right up there. Control, passing, creativity, through balls, possession, pressing. He is already strong at all these things. If he can add goals to his game then he'll be an awesome signing. Takes our technical level up a notch for sure.
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