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How good was pickford before he went to Everton for £30m? Same level as Ramsdale?

My dad's a Sunderland supporter so I saw quite a bit of Pickford. He was a good shot stopper and extremely good with the ball for them, especially his long passing.

Don't think Ramsdale has shown he has that in his locker.


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Loool steady on, I'd say the attacking side of our game is what will stop us moving up the table more than anything.

Nothing Ramsdale has shown in the PL suggests he is anywhere near elite, its a shocking deal imo.
Yeah that's why the "IF" in capital. I don't know the guy so it'll be a slot machine...

Obviously i'm exaggerating when i say we'd be title contenders but imagine a commanding, relaxed and good ball playing GK. He can bring some peace to our defenders which in turn can bring stability for our midfield etc.

I don't know man, i truly don't rate Leno at all. Like i swear to god in my whole life of 15 years watching football/playing football i've never seen a ball bounce off the ground in a goalie's small box, FROM A FVCKING THROW-IN.


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All I can tell you, is the Maddison stuff was bull plop.

Even if it wasn’t, I still think this is the better signing all things considered.
You must be pretty happy that you're keeping your boy though?

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that pretty good deal. about 30M-34M pounds. not bad from Garlick just shame about Ramsdale.
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