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This image is a very common and expected response to Arteta related questions.

Yet I still laugh everytime.


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He was so under appreciated by our fans, it’s actually ridiculous how they didn’t rate him that highly.

ESR should try and model his game on him. He’d be very effective player if he’s half as good as Hleb plus goal/assists imo.
I can't believe how over-rated Hleb is on here to be honest. 89 appearances and 8 goals from an Arsenal winger. He was such a massive downgrade from Pires in terms of end product and one of the reasons that 06/07 & 07/08 seasons we looked so fragile compared to past teams.

It's difficult because of you're comparing past players to now then of course they'll shine because we are so bad, but I'd still take Pepe or Saka over Hleb. He was good, but not good enough.
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