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✍️ OFFICIAL Martin Ødegaard

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He is not. Nowhere close to Özil at present.
He is also one sellable asset they have who can be used to buy a star(very similar to willock situation).
So it makes sense from their perspective to sell. Doesn't necessarily mean that they think he is poor.
Who are they gonna buy though? Can't see Mbappe leaving this summer, you need to be a **** to leave this PSG team for Madrid right now.


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Not really relevant is it if they leave him out of the squad for the first league game?
Let's hope so. Isco for example has 1 year in contract and is 29 years old.

They do have overload of wingers though and some of them can play AMF I think.


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But didn't the link say the numbers can't be changed? Asensio has 11?

Actually the Real Madrid homepage says Rodrygo has 25, so those numbers are wrong.
They can change the number if the players don't play. So if Asensio doesn't play in the first game he could theoretically switch to a different one.


Cedric and Mari ruined my life
Real Madrid reddit on this source:

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Either him or Maddison since start of summer i didn't mind both are good age very talented and will only improve let's how much we gonna pay


Cedric and Mari ruined my life
The thing for me and for a lot of fans with Ødegaard is if he hadn't come here on loan and this was just purely this summers signing. Everyone would be fawning over it.

He is quality, he is young, he has bags of potential and he's exactly what we need. He just isn't a shiny new toy.
Tbf I think the shiny new toy thing is just for you :lol:
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