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✍️ OFFICIAL Martin Ødegaard

Who would you rather sign?

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Ødegaard has trashed both Aouar and Maddison in the head to head polls as well. Looks like most here would be happy with this despite some opinions to the contrary.


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I am really sorry for banging on about Maddison, trusted the Bell way too much :(
This guy had way too much confidence as well:


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This is just great! Ødegaard coming to his senses and wanting to be a clear starter at a club after being loaned all over the place. He doesn't seem to be stupid.

Madrid basically have to sell if he is not signing a new contract. The situation is a bit similar to Willock.


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Unpopular opinion: Ødegaard is worse than Willock.
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I don't agree, but anyway Willock doesn't fit our tactics, and we couldn't keep him if he didn't sign a new contract. He will be better at a club like Newcastle and on the counter etc.


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I’m happy if he comes. Just not happy with the timing. Couldve had a proper pre-season with us. If only he’d realised sooner that he should stay at Arsenal where he’s valued..
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