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Mate, let's all laugh at Tottenham!


Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

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Spud Voyeurs:

F*ck your tiny club. F*ck your Go Kart Stadium. F*ck the NFL. F*ck Beyonce. F*ck Adele. F*ck Tom Holland. F*ck Alan Sugar. F*ck the Redknapps. F*ck Son. F*ck Daughter. F*ck Harry Kane. F*ck Maddison. F*ck Pigeon Boy. F*ck that Fat Aussie Car Salesman. Forever in our shadow.

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Yousif Arsenal

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Really amazing seeing these guys speak like being robbed. Not sure what the hell they talking about the accident before our 2nf goal kulu tripped himself and then rice won the ball clearly also not to mention Oliver missed so many elbows from Richarlison and Romero

Still Ange good manager stick with him but he has to fix this pathetic defense


Head of the Wayne foundation for benching Nketiah

Country: USA

Unreal headloss from him today.
And the goals his team scored were from a ridiculous giveaway and a penalty. Why is he not questioning why his supposedly World Class captain did not have a single chance from open play? Why is he not questioning why James Maddison who is "better than Ødegaard" creating nothing before being subbed early for creating nothing?

dino bravo

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He's beyond insufferable & not once has any of his predictions turned out to be right.

A bonafide Nostradumbass, if you will :lol:
"Proud" of another defeat for the perennial losers. That mindset is the reason why they never achieve anything. Thanks idiot, you be proud, we'll leave with all 3 points... again.

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In June 1996, David Dein, Peter Hill-Wood and Danny Fiszman came out to Nagoya to meet me on behalf of Arsenal. Within an hour we came to an agreement. The Japanese directors didn't try to keep hold of me in the usual way but talked with persuasive arguments... But as far as I was concerned, the decision was taken. Arsenal. A decision that would change my life.

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Monday, June 17

Arsenal will demand £20m to sell Jakub Kiwior - a fee Juventus cannot afford [Daily Mirror]

Arsenal will attempt to sign Napoli striker Victor Osimhen in the coming days, but for an amount less than his release clause [RaiSport]

Arsenal only value Osimhen at €75, half his release clause [Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli]

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