Matheus Martinelli

Rex Banter

Got Swerved By Gallas

Martinelli brothers finna dominate the league 😍

Oh damn they’re not actually brothers. What are the chances of signing two Martinelli’s who aren’t even related. Crazy.


Obviously I don’t know the first thing about him, but buying a young Brazilian central midfielder does sound interesting at least.

EDIT: I mean, there are some things you’d expect a Brazilian player to inherently possess. Like decent technical ability and vision.


Sounds Like Hairspray
naaah wtf is this real? He even looks a bit like Martinelli!



Sounds Like Hairspray
How about we start playing the Martinelli we already have before we start signing more.

There should be a rule that you can't play two players with the same name, the Neville brothers got away with it for far too long.

Actually there should be a rule that every player on the team must have a different star sign. Ornstein be like "Arsenal are in the search for a Sagittarius this summer"


Sounds Like Hairspray
Looks good tbf, quite combative, excellent technique and press resistant, not an exceptional athlete though. Unclear why we'd need a profile like this when we have Guendouzi and Azeez, but i'm guessing we're stupidly getting rid of Douzi so maybe there's a spot for another young CM.


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