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Matt Turner: Head Turner or Head Scratcher?


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Was a bit shaky. Makes me worried tbh.
Doesn't fill one with the greatest deal of confidence... Let's see him in a couple of more EL games but his play with the ball at his feet today was not great... Hopefully he can at least make some decent saves.


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He dumped a load of tea into Leno's tub and made a place for himself here. Proud to be an American today.


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Let's be honest, this guy is probably Kroenke's bastard son he had with a checkout worker at walmart.
You think old Stan ever set foot in a Walmart store himself? Only for counting the money my friend! Only for counting the money!

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He improved a bit towards the end, maybe he was nervous at the beginning. Pretty sure he is better than Runnarson. Lets see how this ends up.


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Since the beginning of 2021, Turner has played twice as many times for the U.S. than Steffen (20 to 10), has allowed the same amount of goals (8) and has performed better by just about every statistical measure. The biggest discrepancy comes in goals prevented (GP), which measures the difference between opposing teams' expected goals on target (xGOT) and the goalkeeper's goals allowed. Teams have generated 18.23 xGOT against Turner, but he has racked up 10.23 GP, indicating he has cut down opposing teams' goal totals by more than half. During the same time (in roughly 1,000 fewer minutes), Steffen's xGOT is 7.22, with a GP figure of -0.78, which suggests that he has allowed more goals than should have been prevented.


We haven't seen nearly enough of Turner to make anything resembling a judgment on his ability, and admittedly the superficial signs haven't been great (nervy friendly debut, little nervy moment with his feet in first competitive match), but I'm guessing there's some method to the madness here...everyone hated the Ramsdale signing until they saw him play for us, too.


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Why would they get a Keeper not capable from playing at the back ? makes no sense. Someone needs to challenge Ramsdale Turner not it.

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Still has problem with his passing too many over hit. But did make 2 good saves to keep home debut clean sheet

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