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Matt Turner: Head Turner or Head Scratcher?

Andrew Cole Linighan

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What is happening with the American Central Defender we signed last season. He was sent back to Colorado Rapids on loan. Trusty? 🇺🇸
Maybe part of next season's first team, have a Squad Number?
Welcome to Arsenal Matt Turner. 🧤⚽🥅🏟️🇺🇸


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I like how in all the "Welcome to Arsenal" vids on YouTube, Edu keeps telling all the players about what number he is on the wall when Arsenal signed him in 2000.

G, no one cares :lol:


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But @drippin told me Runnarson was quality, despite even French pundits saying he’s terrible. How can this be?
You have told enough times that you can't understand what you read, but I can explain it once more. I said he could be good punt for couple million, in a time when it's not easy to find experienced backup.

That's totally different than telling someone is quality when I haven't even seen him play at all, which I also told. :lol:


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It will interesting to see how good Turner is. Hopefully Turner is more Manniger quality than Runarsson, S.Taylor or Almunia.

Ramsdale has just come off a World class level season and Leno is too good of a keeper to be a back up so I would expect him to move on shortly.


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Ramsdale seeing this guy is his "competition":

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Tir Na Nog

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Surely this guy's not actually going to be 2nd choice? We're actually making our squad worse.

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Arsène Wenger, on winning the 2014 FA Cup