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Matteo Guendouzi: Guendouzi come back?


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Matteo Guendouzi​

Outcast by Arteta?


Should we bring him back now that we kind of are in midfield crisis? What do you think?

Or are both too stubborn for it to be able to workout ?

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Saying that… Marseille just received a 1 year transfer ban so they might not be able to sign Guendouzi permanently in the summer.



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Awesome...shame Arteta is manager and we cant get him back, but now we can sell him to another team for more money. Thank you transfer ban.


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Chelsea had a transfer ban, but still signed Kovacic from Madrid when he was on loan.

Think you can legally sign a player on loan with an option to buy, as you can say the deal was done the previous summer and you are just activating it.


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Did they actually tie our hands with the deal they made.. ? I want him back.. I feel he really could be a monster under the right conditions, provided he has matured some..
He is gone for sure, but one can still hope! Who knows how the contract is exactly worded and what Edu and Arteta really want to do. Even though he seems to have a bit of a **** attitude maybe there is a way back for him. I liked him as a player. At least he has balls!

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