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Matteo Guendouzi: Guendouzi come back?


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Guendouzi already proved he has the ability to grab a game by the scruff of the neck and help us win, the 3-2 vs Villa when we were down to 10 men and the Sp**s game comes to mind

Instead we stick with an older,slower , more error prone and worse behaving player in Xhaka who's cost us again and again. I think Mikel's management of Guendouzi will blow up in his face.


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If I remember correctly, we had a loan with obligation to buy in place. So I'm not sure why some media think he's coming back now too.

Then again, I could be wrong. Wouldn't be against it, just don't know how Mikel Poetin would feel about it.


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Currently he's an upgrade on Lokonga if Tets could climb off his high horse and start man managing instead of throwing out ultimatums like confetti.


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Marseille are appealing it. I guess we can ask for more if Marseille still get banned and other clubs want him.

Transfermarkt says his contract is ending in June, so he might even be a free agent, unless they are wrong.

IIRC we added an additional year to his contract and put in an obligation to buy into the contract. I'm unsure if this deal will go through or not with the ban. I think Kovacic from Chelsea was in the same circumstances and was allowed to be signed so it will probably go through


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Except if LOM doesnt get ban overturned, then we do not need to honor it. They are not allowed to sign any players for next two transfer windows.


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10M is not just because of Guendouzi's ability, it is also because everyone knows he is unwanted by us and it's not like we can play hardball against bids for him. He was 4th choice under Arteta and almost certainly will go back to being that if we don't sell him.
I get that. Arteta's management of the situation put us between a rock and a hard place, resulting in us losing the leverage to receive a decent fee for him.

10m for a 22 year-old French international, France U21 captain, one who's also captained Marseille, and who has considerable first-team experience, is peanuts no matter how you paint it. Not saying I want him back, just disappointed in how the situation was handled.

Don't know if it's accurate, but his contract's apparently up this summer so he's off regardless. Although, if true, I don't know why Marseille would have agreed to a buy clause.


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We could get two superb players inro the squad for free here. No brainer.
Saliba is definitely coming back. Reading what he has said in interviews etc. I think he has taken his medicine and is ready to come and play for us. Guendouzi I am not very unsure about, both because of his earlier behaviour and the actual contract situation. I'd love to have him back if he and Arteta can move on and Guendouzi can behave according to what the club wants. I loved him as a player here. A real bright spot when we really needed one.


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Edu said this on 4th of September 2021 on the official website:

"If you see, there are not many teams selling around the world, there are a lot of loans with options to buy, so we did two - Matteo Guendouzi and Dinos Mavropanos - who are in that situation, with an obligation to buy as well but we worked the way the market is presenting to us as well. I cannot knock on the door of a club and say, 'Listen I am selling a player'. You have to do as well what is best for the club.

Matteo is not coming back.


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I’m just curious as to who thought 10M was a reasonable fee?

Also why Arteta thought it was a good idea to severely discipline a player the club would want to tie down to a longer contract to ensure we get a decent return on the investment?

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