Mattéo Guendouzi: Loaned Ouzi


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Arteta might have given Guendouzi a clean slate but the real question is if Guen will give the club and Arteta a clean slate?

Some of us did say how you going to vilify a player in public and then expect to sell him?

I like Guendouzi a lot anyway, and think under Arteta he could make real strides.


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Like Gdeep said, its all well and good Arteta saying this but its down to the players to show the commitment he wants and needs. This is a second chance for Guendouzi to stop acting like a *****.

In theory his profile allows us to not worry about signing Ceballos. And of course he will keep getting better.

He does however only have two years left on his deal which could be a problem.


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In b4 he has the season of his life in the last year of his contract after years of sh!te.

Seen it all before tbh, mistake not to flog now but it seems nobody wants him - thanks to our brilliant marketing.


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Wow. Fellaini look like Guendouzi has been annoying him the whole time they are on the field. Which is easy to believe up on Guendouzi. I hate Fellaini with all my atoms in my body but got to say well done from him here.

Guendouzi was breezing past him when Fellaini pulled one out of Mourinho's dark arts playbook.

I mean I know some of you don't like Guendouzi ( even though it isn't his fault that someone advertised his antics to sell him only for it to predictably backfire because now everyone can lowball us ), but being happy that your player is being yanked by their hair which can actually lead to awkward neck extensions and even injury is shameful behaviour.

Expected better from you @hydrofluoric acid


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I dont think hes ever been ****e tbh.
Nah he isn’t, especially when you see him playing regularly for a top (albeit labouring) side at such a young age.

For me though I’ve always thought he just has really good mentality, I can’t see what technical/physical attribute will turn him into a top player though.


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It's a good move to keep this lad, he has great potential. Just need to improve on his attitude.
Except he now has 2 years left on his contract. Do we try to extend? And what do we do if he refuses? I think before we even give him that clean slate he has to sign to it by extending.