Matteo Guendouzi (Out)

Keep or Sell?

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Club have handled him badly. Maligned and dumped a talented young player who now is running down his deal and will either leave for little or free.

He’s as good as most of our midfield options despite being a baby, showed more fight and character than all of them, had he been kept and developed you would now not only have a good squad option but a player with a much higher transfer value.

This, this right here is absolutely outstanding posting yet again.


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Arsenal will benefit greatly when Guendouzi and his toxic personality are no longer associated with the club. The poll responses associated with this thread suggesting that Arsenal should hold out for £40 million is quite embarrassing, even if those votes were mostly cast at a time when Guendouzi was involved with Arsenal's first team.


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Guendouzi worth 40m in his last 2 season with club his 1st year was simply very good this year his value down so much with 1 year left we'd be lucky getting anything near 20m from him

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